• I had been approached by the clients to design the interiors of the house, after the completion of the structure.
  • Furniture pieces add elegance to minimal and slick interiors, done up with warm, Royal Beige flooring. The entrance door to the living room, made of Burma teak wood, is a masterpiece in itself and undeniably the most beautiful door across the house.
  • Warm tones of ivory and teak wood furniture marked two of the rooms, while the daughter’s room has a contemporary design with grey and white furniture.
  • The kitchen, too, is grey and pearly white.
  • The powder room has been designed in Mother of Pearl and gold mosaic tiles, and Diana marble. The black and gold marble wash basin adds a dramatic touch.
  • The master bathroom was done in a combination of Royal Beige and Omani marble, in continuation with the flooring of the master bedroom.
  • The son’s/ guest toilet was simplistic in ivory tiles and Royal Beige marble

Location : Sadhna Enclave
Area : 5000 sq. ft.
Year of Completion : 2017
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